March 29, 2011


So, I've been quite the slacker on this photo blog so far. BUT I just purchased a nifty new Android tablet, and I'm hoping it will help me mix mommy duties and hobbies a lot more efficiently. Here's to sticking with commitments! (The Little Engine that Could comes to mind... I think I can, I think I can...)

February 27, 2011

Post 21: Theme 341 Under Water

Since I am unlikely to fulfill this theme with an actual under water shot, I think an aquarium shot will have to suffice. I love the colors on this sea anemone!

Post 20: Theme 184 Motion Blur

Usually I try to avoid motion blur like the plague, but with this shot it helps to convey the graceful, ever-present movement of the butterfly's wings. (He also has creepy eyes. Check out the larger image.)

Post 19: Theme 345 Unique Camera Angle

This butterfly appears to be lording over the camera...

Post 18: Theme 317 The Letter P

Today the letter P stands for "Pink Pattern." This very stylish butterfly wears a trendy combo of black and pink.

Post 17: Theme 365 Yellow

This beauty has several brilliant colors, but yellow is definitely the star of the show.

Post 16: Theme 53 Coiled

Check out the proboscis on this guy!